Worship Services

Sundays at 10:00am 

Style of Worship

Our worship services are best described as "Blended".  We recognize that many of our congregants come from different religious and spiritual backgrounds.  We strive to incorporate elements from those various background so that all can feel a little more connected to our services.

Welcome to our Sanctuary

Upon entering, there will be a Welcome Table where you will find a worship program.  Our worship programs will contain and offering envelope and a Connection Card, our way of helping to stay in contact with you and if you have any prayer requests.  You can also make yourself a name-tag, which our congregation also wears to make it a little easier to get to know us. 

Style of Communion

The Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans practices an open communion (open to anyone, baptized or not) - there is no requirement for partaking other than a desire to experience a closer relationship with God. 

Casual Attire

We celebrate you - Dress as you are; be who you are.  Some of our congregation wear slacks, ties, and dresses.  Others wear jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts (even shorts).  Definitely dress comfortably during those hotter months.

All families, including those with children, are welcome to join us for worship.