MCC New Orleans is excited to develop and deliver our programming and is committed to the nourishment and enrichment of each of our spiritual journeys.  Every journey is different and unique.  Whether someone has been on their spiritual journey for a while or just beginning, our programming model is designed to always help each of us know who we are, where we are, and which direction we are looking to travel on our journey. 

Step 1: Starting Point 

The Starting Point can be where you are at the beginning of your journey or when you take a moment to step off the path and assess your position and progress.  Where are you in your spiritual life right now?  Take a moment and think about a popular TV show or Movie that best describes where you think you are in your spiritual journey right now.  There is no right or wrong answer.  This is a simple exercise to help you center your mind on your spiritual journey before addressing the next two steps.      

Step 2: Spiritual Types

There are four spiritual types. 

Which one are you?  Are you more than one? 

Step 3: Spiritual Locations

Which of the six spiritual locations. 

From here, use the spiritual location key located to help you figure out which programs will support you on your spiritual journey.


If you have any questions about our programming model, Spiritual Types, Spiritual Locations & the Spiritual Location Key, or any of the programs listed under the Programming link in the Tab Bar above, please contact the church office at 504-270-1622 or use the Contact Us box on the bottom of this page. 

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Where are you on your spiritual journey?