Ryan LeJeune

Music Director

"​Growing up in a small town wasn't always easy but playing the piano has been my therapy and will always be my passion. My great grandmother was the pianist at the local baptist church, many years later I played for the same church. I know the talent has been passed down to me and I plan on keeping it going!

As a young boy I can remember banging away on the old upright piano at the church and found myself intrigued by the piano. Continuing to show interest my parents started myself and a few other kids from our church in piano lessons with a local piano teacher. Years later I found myself the only one left studying music, others had found other interests. Not long after that realization I too quit. However never truly stopped playing the piano. Now there is a blend of formal education and ear technique that has given me the style of piano playing I hold today. Around the age of 16 the local baptist church asked me to become the pianist. I played there every Sunday until college. From there I have played at the baptist college ministry on campus, other baptist churches, episcopal churches, non-denominational, christian churches and the list continues. 

At some point in my journey through college and life experiences, I found the Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans. What an amazing place! A place to feel accepted, welcomed, loved, affirmed, and the list continues... and this is where my ministry took hold and continues. As staff Music Director for over 5 years now my experience and education mixed with the overwhelmingly talented individuals seem to be a great fit! "

-Ryan LeJeune

As staff Music Director since 2010, Ryan brings many years of experience as a worship leader and pianist. Having a traditional music background, Ryan works with bridging traditional and contemporary worship styles to MCC New Orleans.