Trey Ming

Music Coordinator

Growing up a Southern Baptist in the buckle of the Bible belt, I had no idea it was possible to stay true to myself while enjoying the community of a church family.  As I grew more and more comfortable with suppressing certain parts of my identity, including my sexual orientation, I dove headfirst into my passions. Music and theatre became my creative and personal outlets, and upon graduation I moved to New York to study musical theatre at NYU.  Following a year of study there, I moved back to Texas to major in music composition at Baylor University.

During my college days, I began working as a minister in several local churches.  Over a decade of music ministry, youth ministry, and other church work followed, as I continued my attempt at living as a heteronormative conservative – wife, kids, and all.  As difficult as it was to endure the end of my marriage and ministry career, those were the endings that led to new beginnings in my life.  I moved to New Orleans, married a wonderful man, and became acquainted with MCC.

I am excited to be a part of the great things going on at MCC New Orleans.  It is a blessing to once again share and make music with a church family and to feel the love of a healthy community.