Lonnie Cheramie


"I discovered MCC New Orleans in the summer of 2013, through their partnership with New Orleans Pride. I must say that it was the joy of Rev Gail and the continued invitations from Ryan LeJeune, Music Director, that compelled me to first set foot in the doorway of MCC.  However, it wasn’t until Christmas Eve of that same year that I attended my first service.  Since that moment, I’ve been an active participant and officially became a member of MCC New Orleans on Pentecost Sunday 2014. 

I’m a native of Golden Meadow, LA and have been living in New Orleans over the past seven years. Prior to my move to New Orleans I was a Catholic priest of eight years. Since my move, I had been searching for a faith based community to call home and after much searching and church hopping, I have indeed found a place of life and love for all God’s people here at MCC New Orleans.

No doubt, I have hit the road running over the past year and a half.  I was asked to be a part of the Worship Forum and assist with liturgies from décor to preaching.  Although, my passion is liturgy I was honored to selected in the fall of 2014 by our faith community to be on the Board of Directors.  I’m so blessed to have found MCC New Orleans which has afforded me the opportunity to continue to live out the call God has placed in my life of ministry and love. 

MCC New Orleans is an awesome opportunity for anyone, especially in the LGBT community, seeking a relationship with God and to freely celebrate who you are as a child of God. "

-Lonnie Cheramie