Andre Monte

Administrative Assistant

“The first time I visited an MCC church was in Baton Rouge in 2002 and I missed the service.  However, the people that I met were so warm and welcoming that I felt like I had missed something really special.  So, I made it back the following Sunday and attended my first service with MCC of Baton Rouge and eventually became a member on September 28th, 2003.  In the few years that followed, I continued to serve and support my church in numerous ways including serving on the Board and volunteering with various LGBT organizations and committees in the local community that the church supported.   

In August of 2007, I had to move back home to New Orleans but little did I know how much it was part of my spiritual journey.  I happened to move back at a time when MCC of New Orleans was at the beginning of rebuilding.  All that I had learned during my time with MCC of Baton Rouge, as well as through my education and community efforts, came with me to help MCC of New Orleans rebuild.  I transferred my membership and continued to support my church in the ways that I could and it eventually led to being offered the Administrative Assistant position in January of 2014 which I started the following month. 

In the time since becoming the Administrative Assistant, I’ve been able to serve and support my church, my church family, and my community just like I did in Baton Rouge but in more ways than I ever thought possible.”  

- Andre Monte